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Version: 0.9 (lite)

More of a demo than a fully functional game, this project is for the Apollo Guidance Computer gamejam AUG-SEP 2019. The gamejam's primary rule was to keep the project under 32kbs (to be able to fit on the Apollo CM Guidance Computer)

The most efficient (lite) version of this game ended up being only 4,963 bytes! (its otherwise about 8kb with comments and spacing left in)

It was my first time delving into programming/dev on the Commodore 64 so this project represents 2 months of learning with BASIC (not shown - anything I did with assembly in the final month of dev) - overall it was a lot of fun to work on and wont be my last C64 project!

This is a playable demo level with very limited features (only included are features which were finished enough to be practical, and even some of those are broken). You can fly around a very simple randomly generated level, and if your fuel runs out you lose control. Its very simple, but you can get the idea of the kind of game it could be with some more work and further learning.


Q - Quit

W/A/S - Boost Up/Left/Right

Bug of note: Cant go past the X location of 255 so the right hand quarter of the game space isnt usable. 

Install instructions

Download the .prg and load in VICE emulator - just like the good ol'days: 

LOAD "*",8,1

Or even easier: 

Load up this C64 in-browser emulator and drag & drop the .prg into the box to load it (https://virtualconsoles.com/online-emulators/c64/)


ApolloLander v09L AGCJam.prg 4 kB

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